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Are you a busy professional, business owner or an investor?

34%— that’s one in three Americans— already have a side business and this number is expected to reach 83% by 2027.

Owning a side business has become a necessity of the modern era, if you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and fuel your financial growth. But…

Here is the thing, a lot of these business models being promoted online come with their own limitations and drawbacks. Many of these models demand considerable time and work input or require expertise to make them profitable.

Some are very risky and volatile. Others offer very little ROI and take ages to turn in the profits.

And of course, let’s not forget about the limited scalability and growth potential that makes it impossible to turn your investment into a significant income stream.

So, how can someone like you, without disturbing your daily routines and having no expertise in ecommerce, can own a profitable side business? 

What if there was a perfect solution for you?

  • A business that provides a stable income stream… Doesn’t require a single hour of work from you… Is completely risk-free and remarkably scalable…
  • A way for you to get your share from a $514 billion industry without even going near the technical stuff or the hassles of managing a team.
  • And this is not some new business that may get out of fashion the next year. It’s a tried-and-tested model that has been the backbone of commerce for centuries. 

Now at Zyeron, utilizing the extraordinary young talent available in Pakistan, combined with the power of the largest ecommerce platform in the world.



We are an established Amazon Wholesale Automation Company on a mission to make passive income dreams come true for those who are ready to take the next step towards financial freedom.

Who is this model best suited for?

Anyone who is looking to make their money work for them without putting in any time, expertise or taking any risks!

Why Amazon FBA Wholesale?

Simple….It is the safest and quickest way to start selling on Amazon. It has everything you need in a great business!

Minimal Risk:

As we sell products from already established brands on the world’s most popular e-commerce platform, profitable sales are guaranteed.


High ROI:

It has a lucrative return resulting in an average of 10% profit with the initial investment growing to 200%(double) within 24 months.


Quick Results and Turnover:

Very fast turnover with profits rolling within 3 months.

And the answer to this question is:

Partner up with Zyeron!!!


I offer done-for-you partnerships to manage your Amazon wholesale business as an operating partner. I don’t just help you, me and my team get it done for you!

I provide A-Z Amazon wholesale automation services. I work on profit sharing so you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on progress 24/7 to get results.

I was struggling to grow my Amazon brand on my own. I was spending hours optimizing my product listings, but they were still not ranking.

Zyron took over my Amazon brand management and within a few months, my sales had doubled. 

I’m so glad I found Zyron. They’re the best Amazon brand management agency I’ve ever worked with.

- Mike Stuart

What’s different about Zyeron?

Zyeron is not your typical overseas Amazon company where everyone is doing everything but aren’t excellent at anything. 

My clients benefit from the expertise of dedicated project managers overlooking the specialist teams assigned to their project.

From supplier analysis to inventory management and from account management to customer support I have dedicated specialist teams at each step to ensure excellence and guarantee success.

 I don’t make any money unless you do!!!

Because I’m in it as a partner, you share a percentage of profits with me based on an agreement signed at the start of the business. So, I don’t make a single dime, unless I make money for you first!

So, if you are already an Amazon Wholesale seller or someone with no idea on how to get started on it. My partnership takes all the hassle out for you to make this wonderful business model a stable passive income stream for you.

I offer a growth to six figures within six months, that too with a money back guarantee!!!

I also guarantee that profits will start rolling in three months from start.

My aim is to build a long-term working relationship with you. I’m committed to helping you succeed, so we can keep winning together.

US based agencies charge up to $35,000 just to have you onboard, with an extra annual renewal fee of around $5,000. Even after that the profit share they offer is 50%. And the irony is, most of them are just acting as middlemen outsourcing your account to teams sitting overseas, effectively taking the profits that should be yours.

I require a one time onboarding fee according to the plan you choose with no annual or renewal fees whatsoever.

I offer three best value for money plans according to your investment. Book a discovery call to find out about my offer.


Spoiler: If we don’t scale your sales to 6 figures within 6 months, you can have the FULL ONBOARDING FEE back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Act Now! Limited onboarding opportunities left.
Only 3 more clients and I reach my capacity for 2023.

We offer three best value for money plans according to your investment

New Seller Plan

$ 3000 1 time charges
  • Minimum Investment: $30,000/-
  • Profit Split: 60%-40%, 60% goes to you.

Standard Plan

$ 5000 1 time charges
  • Minimum Investment: $60,000/-
  • Profit Split: 65%-35%, 65% goes to you.

Business Plan

$ 7000 1 time charges
  • Minimum Investment: $1,00,000/-
  • Profit Split: 70%-30%, 70% goes to you.

How does the 30 Mins-Discovery Call Work?

The Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide A-Z Wholesale FBA services and do 100% of the work. There will be no time investment required from you at all. We will do all the work for you.You are the investing partner and we are the operating partner.

You will act in your capacity as a business owner to look at overall growth and direction, & managing cash flow.

Our services includes but not limited to:

  • Product Analysis: Finding profitable, quick selling products.
  • Sourcing: Finding authorised, trusted suppliers.
  • Procurement: Placing inventory orders following all the SOPs.
  • Account management: Monitoring your products, check stock, set pricing & notice buy box behaviour on  your Amazon account.
  • Inventory management: Managing and forecasting inventory to maintain a positive cash flow.
  • Customer support: Manually handling customer complaints to ensure minimum returns and refunds.

Amazon Wholesale is totally safe. We follow all of Amazon’s TOS.

On average, the gross profit margin is 30%. After taking out all the expenses, the net profit is around 10%. Due to cutthroat competition building sustainable business on Amazon is a sales volume game rather than profit margin.

We don’t limit ourselves to any specific niche. We sell any product that we can while generating profit, and following Amazon’s TOS. Having said that, our supplier relations mainly consist of consumer electronics, sports and outdoors, home & kitchen, networking, tools, home improvements.

We are mainly sourcing from Europe, local USA distributors and brands while continuously exploring new profitable markets to source from. 

Scalability is based on your buying power. We can reach $100k in sales within 6 months, or we can be doing millions in sales within 24 months. It’s all up to your buying power.

Remember the net profit margin is around 10%. So, the more you can invest the more profit you will make. You know 10% of 100k is very different from 10% of 1 million. It’s a volume game. The bigger, the better.

Our profit share will register as an expense of your business. For details, you should consult an accountant to learn about the taxes in your country/state.

Yes, we will help you set up everything that’s needed to invest in amazon fba wholesale from outside the USA.

We specialize in the USA only as it’s the only marketplace big enough to do Amazon wholesale at scale.

Not at all. Wholesale is an established, safe and authorized business model and it complies all of Amazon’s TOS

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